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If you had too........

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OK. If I'm going to be a member here, I might as well post instead of lurk.

Katrina made me think. If a disaster was about to happen, which guns would I grab and go with?

Sentiment has almost trumped logic. Of all my guns that should be choices, here's 3 (2 are pistols - thus the post here on PW) that might go first:

S&W K22: Got it from my grandfather before he died. It was a gift to him from his brother who was a corporate pilot. Upon my grandmother's death and subsequent housecleaning prior to liquidating the estate, my mother found the receipt for this pistol. My great-uncle had purchased it in Duluth, MN on 12/16/57.

Colt Police Positive, .32-20: Another gun from my grandfather. I have no idea where he got it, but remember when I was a kid riding to and from his shop with him, it was always in his money bag. In its existence, it saw much apparent use and abuse...chipped grip, pits, and the front iron looks like somebody tried to bust up a sidewalk with it...I wish it could talk.

Winchester 67-22: My great-grandfather (that, when he fell in the nursing home just prior to his death, a slug was found buried in his broken hip bone that nobody had ever heard how it got there) gave this one to me when I was about 7 or 8 years old. A real tackdriver, but spent a lot of time on the fender of a tractor and looks like it.

As self-defense and tools of survival, these are pitiful compared to many other excellent choices I have readily available, but they're the ones I could never replace. It would be very difficult to leave them behind.

Anybody given similar circumstances much thought?
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First I would take all of the weapons that hold sentimental value. First my S&W Model 10 .38 Special that was handed down to me by my Grandfather. Second would be my Remington 1100 12ga which was my Fathers and was handed down to him by his Father. Third would be my Springfield Trapdoor, this also used to belong to my Grandfather and it's a true piece of history. Finally for defensive purposes I would chose my 1911 .45ACP along with my Homemade AR15 .223 Rifle :D There are many others that I would want to take that mean something to me but it would make too long of a list :(
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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