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IKEA is Anti-Concealed Carry & Open Carry, anti-RTBA

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Just posting this for all you people out there so you are aware and dont run in to the same situation as one of us have. To read about the experience. Here it is: http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/forum30/31399.html

Pretty much in short they don't allow pistols in their store and if they figure out you have one on you they wont tell you to leave they will immediately call the police on you and if handled similar to the person above ban you and any of your guests from their store pertinently. I've never been in these fuufuu stores but I'm glad I haven't. They will never get a penny of my money. They can take their furnature and shove it where the sun dont shine.

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Thanks for the headsup, will never shop IKEA.
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