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Indiana State Police change again

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Every 5 0r 6 years ISP replace al duty hanguns. Dec 05 they went from Beretta to Glock model 22. AT once they started having problems (type unknown to me) Either the manufacture
or selling dealer is replacing all of them at no cost to the model 19 in 9mm.
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The INSP were having unacceptable feeding, ejecting, and non-firing problems in their new Glock 22 and 23 models. I believe they even had a couple of structural gun failures with factory ammo but I may have that mixed up with another instance. I heard Glock was wanting to refurbish/fix the current guns claiming its a "bad batch" while INSP wants to switch to the equivalent 9mm models. Last I heard they were at an impasse but as I have no direct contact with either party and rely on what I hear through the grapevine the situation could be resolved by now.
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