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Just wondering! Because 'the mutts' tend to run in packs nowadays: If you had to—I mean really had to—could you easily pick up another guy's gun, and use it well against an attacking group of his associates?

For many years now, I have been willing to 'swap guns' with (certain) other shooters on public firing lines, and this has proven to be a very useful practice for me to participate in. I do NOT do this with strangers, but with other shooters I recognize as being regulars on the line.

What have I learned? Well, among the important lessons are that Beretta 92's are almost ridiculously easy to shoot straight; and, for instinctive point shooting, I actually prefer to use a 92 FS. (Especially now that the factory has corrected that 'pull the slide off the gun' design problem they had!)

Neither will I ever forget the day I discovered that a quality made 32 ACP pistol actually hits on an even par with a hunting (Wrist Rocket) slingshot! Know what? Even though I occasionally carry a 32 as a secondary backup pistol I am positive that, out in the real world, there are definitely better secondaries than anything in 32 ACP caliber. (And I almost feel sorry for people who insist on carrying a 32 as their one and only primary.)

Another important lesson is that any 1911 pattern pistol is easier to both shoot straight AND instinctively well than any polymer frame (Glock) pistol. A 1911 is also a whole lot easier to conceal; but, then again, so is the now discontinued Browning P35 (Hi-Power).

And, as much as I love them (and I do) for street combat use a revolver places a modern gun totter at a distinct disadvantage. (Sorry, Jerry Miculek, but very few pistol shooters are able to handle a revolver as well as you do!) On the other hand I do believe that there is still a serious place in the world (read 'out on the street) for venerable snub-nose revolvers in, at least, 38 Special chambering. In fact, inside my own family, we occasionally carry a 357 Magnum Ruger SP101 as both a primary pistol for my wife, as well as a secondary pistol for myself.

Something else I've learned by swapping handguns with other regular shooters on the line are that, even in the exact same caliber (or chambering) some handguns produce far less recoil than others! I'll offer this truism: Any Glock, with its lower bore axis, will shoot 'softer' than any Springfield Armory XD, with its elevated and consequently more difficult to manage higher bore axis.

Some shooters may disagree with some (or all) of these conclusions, and that is certainly their right. These are, however, actual field-tested conclusions that I have reached for 'me and mine' by trying out a variety of other people's handguns while I was on a public firing line.

(Again, no strangers' guns—Okay!)
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