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Just bought a new MK II!

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Since I am the proud owner of a 10 shot 6" S&W 617 K-22 Masterpiece that I absolutely love, I wasn't exactly in the market for another .22lr handgun. But then I happened across this funky looking little pistol. If I remember my Ruger nomenclature correctly, it is a Mark II MK4B. It is a 4" bull barrel blued steel Mark II. I read a review of this pistol years ago and handled one at the gunshop. I thought, "Man this thing points and balances nice, too bad about that gut hook of a front sight." I seem to remember the author of that article I read as referring to that sight as a "holster ruiner." Anyhow my local shop had one sitting in their case, new. They had put this god-awfull muzzle break on it that they were trying to get rid of, but the factory front ramp was still in the box. There are marks in the finish from that muzzle break, but nothing that a little holster wear won't hide. Although finding a holster for it isn't going to be a picknic, I have never seen a holster listed for a 4" bull barrel MKII. Whatever, I haven't been this excited about a new gun purchase for a while. What do you think about a trigger kit? Clark? Volquartsen?
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Congrats on your MKII. I hope you enjoy your as much as I do mine! This thing's accurate and cheap to feed. As for your trigger,most of these are fully adjustable,if I remember correctly. The only problem is getting to it. Read your instructons carefully and it'll explain the procedure. I still had to take mine apart about 4 times before getting it all the way back to functioning properly.

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