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Just bought a used kel-tec p11

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Just bought a barely used kt p11, 9mm for $100.00.

It looks brand new. Had a broken recoil spring guide rod and was missing the assembly pin.

Serial number is less than 500.

$25.00 for parts and shipping and it's good to go.

Ran 50 rounds of 147 gr federal hydrashock thru with zero problems.

I will tell you one thing, those little light weight 9mms have wicked felt recoil. My right hand was numb after firing the 50 rounds.
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I have one of those as well as a P-40 which is the 40 S&W on the same frame.t They do have a bit of a snap to them and I found the magazine extension to be a good means of taming it a little as well as adding an additional round or two.
My manual states to not use bullet weights over 115 grs in the P-11 (165 gr in the P-40) as it can cause permanent damage to the frame. I also change out the recoil spring every 800-1000 rounds to help prevent wear. Check out www.ktog.org for additional information. I did the trigger smoothing modification and it helped quite a bit.
Well there was no manual with this used firearm.

I went to the Kel-tec company website and read the owners manual for the p11. I didn't see any reference to certain grain weight bullets being unsafe or potentially damaging to the pistol.

What page was it on in your manual, as I may have just overlooked it.
Sorry for the late reply but you would have to make me crawl back under the basement steps and feel around among the spider webs and other creepy crawlies.

The warning regarding ammunition in my manual is in the paragraph corresponding to the ammunition suggestions in the current manual. My manual does not have the line about the pistol's "extended service life" and in its place is the ammunition warning. My memory is a little faulty as this actually warns against frequent use of +P ammunition and I have an annotation at the end of the manual regarding the use of heavier bullet weights by the original owner along with a receipt for a new pistol. There is also a recommendation to not use 180 gr bullets with the 40 S&W in the manual. I guess that confusing the two manuals with each other is how I came about the idea that one shouldn't run heavier than 115 gr, maybe 124, bullets in the gun.
My Kel-Tec has a slightly higher serial number than yours so I'm guessing the online manual is for a newer model that may have had some design or material changes since mine was made. Either that or the online manual is the older one with mine being a newer update which I think unlikely. As there seems to be a difference, I would contact Kel-Tec and ask them for an opinion. It may also be that there have been changes in ammunition which make the advisory in my manual obsolete. In any case, I'll stick with the 115 gr bullets as I feel the higher velocity is more likely to cause the bullet to have some amount of expansion which I feel is desirable for best effect.
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Thanks for the update. Good idea about giving them a call!
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