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Just curious...

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Are those little Kel-Tec pistols like the the PF-9 and P-11 any good? I understand they're not going to be very nice compared to like a kimber or H&K or something but I just wanted to know if they worked alright for what they are or if they were total junk.
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I've got a Kel-Tek P-40 which is the .40 S&W version of the 9mm P-11. I really like it and it is good for what it was designed for; an inexpensive, reliable handgun meant for personal defense. I have nearly 500 rounds through mine and the previous owner put maybe 300 through it himself. The .40 is fairly tough on the hand but it isn't difficult for me to rapidly put the magazine on target out to 10 yards or so. A Houge Handall Jr grip sleeve helps. It has a rather long and heavy double action trigger which is not conducive to good shooting but is adequate. On can lighten it up somewhat with a different trigger spring, trigger shoe, and polishing. Try www.KTOG.org for more info. I regularly carry mine as a backup when working and often as a primary if concealment is a priority. The 9mm version is just as reliable from what I hear though the smaller .32 ACP can have reliability issues. This is not uncommon in any gun this small, even the custom Seacamps have some problems. The .380 ACP is in between in reliability with most being generally reliable. Kel-tec has a great warranty policy and I have not been disappointed with mine. It is not a Kimber or H&K but it isn't priced as such either.
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Yeah I was just thinking about picking up a tiny, inexpensive gun as a backup CCW or as one to hide in the truck. Any other recomendations? If I can't find anyting smaller that I like I will probably just go with a XD9 subcompact. I just think it would be neat to have a really tiny gun :D
The Kahr P-9 and another 9 series by them are small, reliable, and pricey. The Officer size 1911 models are eaily concealable but again are at least twice as much as a KT. SIG, Glock, and many others have subcompacts that aren't much bigger than the Kel-Tec but again are more expensive. I have an XD40SC but it is a much bigger and more expensive gun than the Kel-Tec for the same magazine capacity so it is not as easily concealable. The only gun in the price range of a Kel-Tec I would look at is the Bersa Thunder. It comes in .380 ACP but is as big as the KT P-11 which is a 9mm. I don't think it is as reliable as KT but still a decent gun for the price. Of course there is always a revolver...
Yeah i've been looking at the kel-tecs all day and they're really starting to grow on me. I'd just like to handle one to see if the 9 is really that much smaller than the 11. The price can't be beat either.
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