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Here's some, take your pick:
Don't expect it to be properly heat-treated, reliable, or functional in any way and you will not be disappointed. Oh, and if it does not work (likely from my Kahr experiences), good luck getting them to fix it. They will just send it back to you with the same problems it had before. After you send it back three or four times, don't expect them to replace the lemon without some serious tooth-pulling (at least a year's worth of dentistry on average).
I own one very new Kahr and I'm not quite ready to render judgment. Mine is the PM40 and so far (250rds) its ability to feed reliably has been less than wonderful. And if it starts feeding reliably it could be the start of a beautiful relationship.
I bought a CW9 and it is my new favorite carry gun. 300 rounds so far and the only issue I had shooting it was when I used the crappy Brown Bear Steel cased ammo. I eats White box and blazer aluminum just fine.
I carry a PM-9 and I wouldn't trade it for anything...
I have a Kahr MK9, works great. Fits nicely in my pocket. Being stainless, it is a little heavy.
The only Kahrs I've consistently heard any consistent issues about are the PM9s. I don't think I've heard anyone complaining about the CW9/40.
I really like my PM9. It has been totally reliable after breakin.
I have a P9 that runs great. The CW9 is about $450 NIB. I would expect the .40 to be about the same.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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