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Kel-tec P11

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A friend stopped by today and showed me his new purchase.
It is a Kel-tec P11. It was new in Jan. but he is now the 3rd owner. What can he expect from it? It does have the box and most of the original paper work with it. I just checked Kel-tec's web site and it shows $377. new.. He paid $150 for it .
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I had one and liked it. It was 100% reliable for me. They aren't going to win any accuracy contests and have a heavy trigger. But they are accurate enough for their intended role as a concealed carry defensive gun. I used the belt clip available from KelTec so that I could carry IWB without the added bulk of a holster. I know several police officers who carry a KelTec as backup and off duty. I actually sold mine to a police officer. I wish I had it back, but when I moved back to Michigan from Indiana, there was no concealed carry law and I didn't think it would ever get passed. I sold the gun and about a year later the law passed. Your friend should be happy with it, especially for $150. Although, I do wonder why it has changed hands so often in such a short time. Hopefully its not a lemon.
Killerb, Sort of a odd story why my friend is the 3 rd owner of the P-11 . He bought it from co-worker who didnt really want it but took it in on a trade for a trailer. He didnt even fire it.
The original owner needed the trailer more than the gun. Its possible that I might even end up with it???? But I'm still trying
to save up for a Blackhawk 45 colt converable. At least I was until we recieved our property tax statement yesterday. Seems like there is always something more important than an
other gun, so the wife says. They just don't understand.
Shot couple rounds of trap this morning so I better go clean the the 1187.
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