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Kel-Tec p11

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I've had a P11 for a year and run 200-300 rounds through it; so far it's been good. I have done the lubrication regimen suggested on the Kel-Tec owner group website (ktog.org). Does anyone out there have recommendations about improvements, parts upgrades or whatnot based on putting a few thousand rounds through one?
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The "improvements" I would recommend were the feed ramp polish, fluff & buff, replace the old 10 lb hammer spring (if your gun is an early model) with the 8.5 lb hammer spring, and Hogue Hand All Jr grip or some bike tape as the grip is kind of slick to me. The first two helped ensure reliability and longevity while the latter two improved shootability.
Other changes I did to my P-40 though will not recommend one way or the other were the LaFrance Trigger job and magazine extensions. The trigger job is something that one needs to decide on their own if they want to change as it may have some sort of legal impact if used. The magazine extensions are also a personal choice as the stock grip was much too short for me to use comfortably. The extensions I used also gave me an extra round of 40 S&W which brought capacity up to 10 rounds, the same as with the XD subcompact I also owned, but in a much smaller package.
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I had a P-11 and sold it when I moved back to Michigan from Indiana before the concealed carry law was passed. I didn't think that it would pass, so I sold the pistol to a police officer for backup and off duty use. I liked it. I had installed the belt clip on it. It gave me secure inside the waist band carry with no additional bulk from a holster. It was a very thin and concealable rig. I would position the clip so it was right next to a belt loop and put by belt over the top of the clip. If you are going to carry, I would recommend that you consider the clip. It does interfere with the gun fitting into a holster, which is a downside.
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