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LaserSightPro.com Adds New Tactical Holsters that Fit Pistols w/mounted Lasers

Date Released: 11/03/2010
Laser Sight Pro is pleased to announce the addition of several new tactical holsters that fit pistols with mounted laser sights.

The new Desantis Pro Stealth N87 will fit either the Ruger LCP, or the Kel-Tec P3AT with the Crimson Trace Laserguards attached, as well as a 2nd magazine: Ruger LCP & Kel-Tec Holster

Laser Sight Pro commends Desantis for making holsters that fit laser'd weapons, and sends out a call to all holster manufacturers: MAKE MORE HOLSTERS THAT FIT LASER'D PISTOLS! Laser Sight Pro receives almost daily requests for holsters that will fit their guns with a laser sight attached. However, unfortunately, Laser Sight Pro has to turn them away because there usually isn't one available. Unfortunately there are only a few tactical holsters that fit laser'd pistols.
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