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Lead in my barrel!

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I loaded some 250 semi-wadcutter bullets recently in front of charge of Clays and shot all 100 in one afternoon. I didn't look down my barrel til I got home and have been trying to get this mess out every since. I've been running a wet patch down the barrel and letting it soak for awhile then running a brush thru it multiple times. THIS CRAP WON"T COME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I were to load up a couple of rather warm JHP bullets and shoot them,would this blow this mess out of my barrel.

After all this I went back a took a close look at these bullets. They seem rather soft.I should probably pull the ones I have loaded now and not shoot them.

Any comments or suggestions? I've not tried a Toronado brush yet but am headed to the gun store tomorrow.

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:D Hey guys, No lead in my Beretta 96 now. I had fired about 30 rounds of home cast WW's with a little too much powder and had a few small spots of lead in the groves . A worn and also a new 45 Cal brass brush refused to take them out. So a trip to Dollar General for a Chore Boy. Soaked a patch in Outers bore Cleaner ,let is set for a few minutes and after about 10 swipes with Chore Boy wrapped brush I have a spotless barrel again. An other believer born today.
Next reloading session I'm dropping the powder about a grain.
RMc The bullets were cast in a Lee mold an tumbled with the
Lee Lube. I think my main problem is that they were loaded
just a little too hot.
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