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Lead in my barrel!

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I loaded some 250 semi-wadcutter bullets recently in front of charge of Clays and shot all 100 in one afternoon. I didn't look down my barrel til I got home and have been trying to get this mess out every since. I've been running a wet patch down the barrel and letting it soak for awhile then running a brush thru it multiple times. THIS CRAP WON"T COME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I were to load up a couple of rather warm JHP bullets and shoot them,would this blow this mess out of my barrel.

After all this I went back a took a close look at these bullets. They seem rather soft.I should probably pull the ones I have loaded now and not shoot them.

Any comments or suggestions? I've not tried a Toronado brush yet but am headed to the gun store tomorrow.

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Hello all, I am new here figured I would give my take on the cast bullet problem. Cast is all I shoot. Huntswithdogs, go to the grocery store and get you a choreboy copper pot scrubber pad cut a section off of it and wrap it around a brass brush for a tight fit a little Hoppes #9 or something like it and it should come right out. You fail to mention the caliber or dia. of the bullets. Shooting cast takes some figuring out what to do. But nothing like it when you figure out what you need to do. Also most commercial cast bullet lubes are useless in my opinion. I cast my own and make my own lube practically 0 leading. Hope this helps
huntswithdogs, glad the chore boy pad worked. Just a suggestion get another 45 cal brush to wrap it around you will not use as much and plus it will give you a tighter fit. Could be that you did not start with a perfectly clean barrel to start with. You should be able to shoot quite a bit before having to scrub the barrel again if everything is right in there.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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