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Lead in my barrel!

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I loaded some 250 semi-wadcutter bullets recently in front of charge of Clays and shot all 100 in one afternoon. I didn't look down my barrel til I got home and have been trying to get this mess out every since. I've been running a wet patch down the barrel and letting it soak for awhile then running a brush thru it multiple times. THIS CRAP WON"T COME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I were to load up a couple of rather warm JHP bullets and shoot them,would this blow this mess out of my barrel.

After all this I went back a took a close look at these bullets. They seem rather soft.I should probably pull the ones I have loaded now and not shoot them.

Any comments or suggestions? I've not tried a Toronado brush yet but am headed to the gun store tomorrow.

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Thanks for the replies and suggestions from all! I went to the gunstore on the nite that I made this post. My intentions were to buy a Toronado brush and go to work on it. The guy at the store told me to get the choreboy also. He told me if it did'nt work that he'd give me a brush.
With this in mind,I stopped at the grocery store and got one(had to get milk,bread,etc., anyway) and headed for the house. I finally figured out how to get the strands loose and wrapped it around an old 22 caliber brush til it looked big enough for the bore of my 45LC. I made 3-4 full passes thru the barrel, got out my mini maglite and peeked into the barrel.

THAT SUCKER WAS SLICK AND CLEAN OF LEAD !!! I ran a wet patch down the barrel and let it soak before runnig a clean one thru. I found my leading problem or at least part of it. My barrel also had some copper fouling that I'd not seen. After a couple more sessions with wet patches , scrubbing with a brush and then wet and dry patches , I had a completely clean barrel.

I took it and my wife to the range on Monday. She shot up all of my ammo,about 100 rounds of 250gr hardcast RNFP running right around 900-1000 fps. Upon returning to the house,I pulled the cylinder out looked down the barrel. With the exception of some powder residue, it's clean as a whistle. I reckon this says a lot for a super clean barrel and hardcast bullets. Hopefully it'll stay this way. I'll find out this weekend when I touch off some 270 and 300 gr stuff loaded with H4227 and Win 296 . I'm starting at the bottom of the charts on these but their still moving along faster than anything I've shot yet so we'll see.....

Thanks again,

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