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Lead Shot for Bullets??

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While going through my "Treasures" (my wife calls them Junk,) I found about 30 lbs of lead shot. Could it be melted down and cast as bullets for my .44 Mag.?? Any idea of the Brinell Hardness of the shot. Most of it is Winchester Chill #5, also some duck and goose shot a buddy gave me 15 - 20 years ago when lead shot was outlawed for waterfowl hunting. If I could use it, any suggestions as to how to mix it with wheel weights, etc.??


Norm Ralph,
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"Chilled" shot is almost pure lead, and is very soft. "Magnum" or "Hard" shot is 5% to 6% antimony, and is considerably harder, but still on the soft side for hard-cast bullets.

Mixing in a little soft shot with each batch of wheel weights will make it go a little further..... or, stop by a trap & skeet club and see if anybody is interested. Chilled shot is presently selling for about $30 for a 25 lb bag.

#5 shot makes a good pheasant load for wild birds.
Not sure if any skeet/trap shooters would want shot that big--Blend it together watch velocities and have a blast :wink:
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