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I have a 4 hole turret. if your buying new go for the new classic turret its much better quality.

I have loaded couple thousand of 9mm and 40sw on my 4 hole.
I am getting tired of pulling the handle for every operation for 1 cartridge but it sure beats single stage or whacking a hammer around.

I do all my sizing and depriming on single stage though then tumble then inspect and clean back to storage or to the 4 hole for manufacturing.

I bell and charge then use 2 seating dies 1 gives initial seat LONG(to get bullet seated centered which can be trouble sometimes with 9mm) then finish seat to final OAL adjusted to give slight taper and I do use a FCD for final stage but thats more for Quality controll. most my cartridges fit right through the FCD with minimum engagement but occasional is an oddball cartridge that needs some post sizing.

replacement part is square piece that is inside the plastic drum that engages the index and turns the turret on downstroke. they can wear. I have a worn one that stopped turning turret for while but I have since loaded good 1,000 since and its still working but occasionally it may skip a beat. keep the turret lubed and the index.
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