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lefty needs help

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i am wondering if you can move the mag ejection button to the right side on the 1911 combat model.
I have found i realy quite like the 1911 but i eject the mag every time i pull the trigger with my left hand this is my main issue with the 1911 i have no other problems with it what so ever!

help a lefty out folks :) ,and put the 1911 in the hands of another satisfied user.
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Finally!!! Somebody else does what I do! BANG! BANG! THUD! CRAP!!!!! I've checked into this a couple of times with different shop owners here locally. If you'll look at the 1911s,you'll notice that different makes have higher or lower mag releases. The one that I get along with best is one of the Kimbers. It's made for concealed carry and all parts are low profile. I did find a Springfield that also had a low built release, but don't remember which one. One of the store owners told me that it'd be easy to remedy this with aftermarket parts. He had a buch of different ones in stock and showed me how easily they changed out.

Another thing to look closely at is your grip. You may be holding the gun incorrectly. I know it doesn't happen to me on all 1911s. I may be unconciously adjusting my hand to keep it from happening.

As for changing sides,I was told that Wilson had a kit for it at one time. I was also told that it wasn't cost effective(read that as it cost an arm and a leg).

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hmm out of curiosity what size fingers you got? i got a size 16 ring and thing that that may be part of the problem, also i asked at the gun shop and they said it might me a loos spring in the clip release. :?: :?
I reckon you'd say I've got small to average hands. Size 9 1/2 or 10 on the ring.

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