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Less common SP101

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I paid this little beauty off today after visiting the police station. The officers loved my new Python. One of them almost made me an offer for it :D

Its a 9mm five shot 2" with the original box, plastic box and moonclips. I find it interesting that this 2" barreled gun feels heavier than my 3" .357 mag SP101.

I've wanted a S&W 9mm for some time but they command very high prices so I put this one on layaway when I found it. I'm never doing that again. If I don't pay it off in a set time I forfeit my deposit and I need to fix my truck so the timing was unfortunate yet again. From now on I only buy what I can pay for upfront regardless of how much I want it.

Anyways, I'm done ranting so here it is with the 3" for comparison.
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THat's a nice shooting iron you've got there, how's the recoil on it?

The 3" .357 mag on top is very controllable and only a bit unpleasant with the hottest HD loads. I just got the 2" 9mm home last night so I'm curious to see how accurate it is and how well it handles. I've found the SP101s to be great for practice and carry because the weight absorbs much of the recoil. Eventually I'll get some ammo and hit the range.
I just had a thought earlier today. If this gun is chambered in 9mm Luger and .380acp is a shorter 9mm then I can shoot .380acp in this gun too, right? What about 9x18 Makarov? This could be a very versatile weapon indeed. :eek:
FB, I think you're right. I heard a couple of guys asking the same thing of each other and their conclusion was , "Why not?" I think the answer lies in the fact that anyone with a 9mm wouldn't necessarily think to try the other cartridges... but I can see no reason not to.

Send it to me for testing. :wink:
Thats so generous of you to test it for me. I'll think about it. :wink:
Hey, FB! My new (for me), 1st ever, 9mm!

S&W 669[/img]
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Congratulations on the new Smith Paul! Welcome to the world of affordable target practice. I prefer not to trust my life with a 9mm but they are great fun to shoot! What won you over to the 9mm? For me it was simply price and availability.
Well, the arthritis has made shooting the small .45's a bit uncomfortable and, while it's sometimes necessary to carry the small .380, the 9mm offers a bit more oomph - and is still small. HydraShok or Speer's will make it acceptable.

I'm also keen on the cheaper shooting... :wink:
The 9x18 Makarov round will not work in your Ruger. The 9mm and .380 are .355 in diameter, where the Makarov round is .364. However, you can fire .380 ammo in the Makarov. The Russians did it all the time if out of 9x18. I tried it once. Not very accurate, but good enough for close range work. Sometimes needed a second strike.
Thanks for the info Bill. I don't own a 9x18 gun so it isn't really an issue but still good to know.
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