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Liberty 21

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Help me please, My dad give me a handgun, it has Liberty 21 on it, then it also has a number on the other side 1398. I cant find anyone that knows what it is, when I look Liberty 21 up it only takes me to gun safes, Help Help Help, oh it will shoot a .22 shell but you have to drive the shell out, could it be a .21 cal. i dont show .21 cal anywhere, please what is this revolver it is a 6 shot
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OK here is the info I have…Liberty is the importer, the manufacture is probably Rohm. Look on the left side of the barrel close to the frame and there should be some info there. The caliber of the gun should be stamped there. 21 will probably be the model. The caliber will probably be .22 short, long, or long rifle. It is possible that it could be a .22 Mag. Let me know if you see any more info stamped there.
Also the gun is not of great value, nor is it a collectable, sorry. You could have a gunsmith check it out for you and just keep it and shoot it.
how do i get a pic on hereof it, it says on the trigger it was made in germany
You can use a pic hosting site such as photobucket.com, you upload the photo to the hosting site, then post the photo link in your message.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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