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Light or Laser for USP .45

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I'm looking to get a light or a laser for my H&K USP .45 full size; but I can't seem to find any good reviews.
I have a Surefire X200A for my Glock, and I orded a rail adaptor (Surefire part MR09) for my H&K too, but they have been out of stock for months now. So now I want to look at other options, but I can't seem to find anything near Surefire quality. Most of the lights I've found are cheapy ($60) xenon lights .. which will likely break the first time I shoot.
I'm looking for a LED light, but something with close to the brightness of my X200.


I'm looking for a laser; but it is about the same story. There are only cheapy-looking lasers. Though they may not be as fragile as the xenon lamps, I still want something I can rely on in home defense.

If anyone has any suggestions for a light or laser for my USP, that would be awesome!
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Sorry I can't help as I don't like either. To me, they are just tracking devices for the intruder and make a good gun cumbersome. Tried both and have acted as an aggressor in invasion scenarios on the training course. Remember, a perp KNOWS the direction you'll be coming from and you do not have that luxury.

That said, I wish you luck.
Have you tried MidwayUSA for the rail conversion? I thought I saw them in stock a copuple days ago when I ordered from them. For a light only, I have two Streamlights, an M-3 and a TLR-1. The TLR-1 LED comes in an HK compatable version and was under $100 when I ordered it. There is an HK version with laser called the TLR-2 for a bit more money.
For a laser only, I prefer the Lasermax units which replace the guide rod. Any of the attached ones seem rather flimsey except for those added to the Glock, Streamlight, and Burris units. I have limited experience with lasers but overall I am not an avid fan of them. It is something else to go wrong and too many depend on them for aiming rather than as an adjunct to the sights. Their mind changing ability seems overly rated as the vast majority look towards the threat rather than their chest.
I like having the option of a gun mounted light in addition to a handheld. Properly used it is much more useful than a handheld, especially if you need the off hand for some function like opening a door or holding a leash. I also like redundancy.
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Brownells will have the rail adapter and the lasermax in the guide rod is the way to go, no special holster and bulky weight on front of gun.

The combo of the surefire and the lasermax works well with my XD.


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Re: re: Light or Laser for USP .45

xd40works said:
lasermax in the guide rod
For a USP?

Oh by the way (an update on this thread). Surefire finally got some adaptors in stock. So I finally got that. The light works great.
The adaptor actually makes the gun look way cooler (without the light). And almost any gun looks great with a light on it (the USP especially).
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