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Local range is off my list,dangit.

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Went to the Place to Shoot in Portland,Or only to be told that they require you shoot their ammo only.:(
I said it's been nice shooting here for TEN YEARS but adios and goodbye.
It was the closest place to go test ammo,now I'll have to drive twice as far.
Oh well,'stuff' happens,eh?
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Did they say why they only allow their own ammo? If that's how they're going to be then they should price themselves very competitively on their ammo.
A gun range I used to shoot at also changed the rules making it a requirement to use thier ammo. I moved away for several years for school then moved back and found they had changed the rule to no in-house ammo requirements. Looks like they had revenue remorse. Anyways, hopefully your range will find the income projected is not they income received.
Yeah, the range I shot at before was their ammo only. When a 50 rd. box of winchester 9mm hit $15, I was done.
I have seen 2 ranges go that route. 1 was for liabilty reasons, guy with waaaay too hot of a handload blew his gun, and shrapnel hit another shooter. After the resulting lawsuit, it was the only way they could get insurance, but had GREAT deals on Bulk .45 and 9mm.

The other was the only show in town, and used it to their advantage. I am lucky that the range I am a member at has tried no such silliness.
I don't see how the guy who got hit with shrapnel could sue the range for a customer's idiocy. That defies common sense, but at least they had good prices on bulk stuff. One of the local indoor ranges only allows store bought ammo on rental guns but you can shoot anything through your own. I can understand not wanting reloads in a rental.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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