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Looking for a reloader

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No - not the equipment. I'm looking for someone in Michigan who loads .45LC! All the stuff around here is soft lead and uselessly unreliable.

If your price is right and you can load a FMJRN or similar bullet, let me know. Not looking for +P's - just a good bullet and reliable round.

PM or email me your thoughts and asking price.

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Are you not a reloader? I load all of mine on a Hornady single stage press. I'm not into mass production and like to see if I got powder in all the shells prior to stuffing a bullet in!
I've been loading bullets ,250gr LRNFP, that I buy at a local store. They're coming from Ga Arms. I'm loading them in front of Clays powder or Unique and keep them under 850fps. I have loaded them into what would be classed as +P loads with very limited amounts of leading.
I've shot the Remington loads and those things caused some bad leading. My Ruger doesn't like jacketed bullets so lead is all that I shoot.

I wish I could. Here it is unlawful to have or store powder in any amount and reloading is a decided no-no. Either of my neighbors would turn me in in an instant if they knew. :cry:

Where are you located? :wink:
Dang! where are you located Paul F? I have so much powder and primer I'm probably on a government list somewhere!
I'm in SE Michigan, just NE of Detroit.
Doesn't make sense to outlaw reloading. Criminals don't want to work that hard. If they did, they wouldn't be criminals to begin with. I hope things change in your area. Reloading is a very rewarding hobby.
I have the dies, powder, and primers to reload 45LC. the caveat is that in order to reload for your particular weapon, I would want to work up loads and test them in your weapon (for pressure signs, etc...). Due to location, this would be difficult as I am in SE ohio. As I'm not in Michigan, I'm not sure this would work. But I hope you find someone who can do this for you.

The best I can say is that the law was passed many years ago. I am told it was because the area is so densely populated and the homes date from the 20's through the 40's (at the time). No fireman wants to fight a fire when powder is present...

Well, Hazzard... if you change your mind and decide to load factory norms, let me know! :wink:
Remember, lawyers run the world guys - if any of you are seriously considering re-loading for someone else, or worse yet, selling them to someone else....... your homeowner's insurance policy will not give you any liability coverage ..... god forbid there is an accident.

It would be a real bad thing if any of us gave a buddy some reloads and he got hurt / but it would be a real mess if we were selling re-loads and someone gets hurt ..... just food for thought ( do as you please ) ...... but noone outside of my family gets any of my reloads (and I'm really careful - it's my hands and eyes, and my kids and grandkids eyes and hands on my guns ... ) but it just isn't worth it for me to even consider loading for someone else ( and I get asked to make up and sell some reloads a lot, especially on small gague shotguns like the 28ga, .410 and on a lot of handgun calibers ). I'm not saying I've never let a buddy shoot my guns with my reloads in them ..... I have but it's not anything I would do for money and in general, if I take a buddy to the range, and let them fire my guns, I just ask him to buy a box of factory ammo at the front desk so it's not an issue - for no reason, other than I don't know what I'd do if they got hurt.
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Re: re: Looking for a reloader

BigDog said:
Remember, lawyers run the world guys...
Point well taken Bigdog. Sage advice.

I live in SE Mich .Novi to be exact!! I'm a tad confused as to what you're looking for! What is 45LC? Winters here and I start my reloading tasks as the weather gets colder, I'm retired so I head to my man cave and reload shotshells and pistol, I've got 100lbs of assorted brass just waitin to be tumbled. So what ya lookin for??along with 2 25 gallon tubs with shotshell hulls just waitin for me, now if the price of shot came down........

I'm not aware of any laws that prohibit storing powder in MI. I dont keep much powder around till I'm ready to load some ammo. I normally have 2-3 lbs of different brands but I use Red Dot pretty much for most of my reloads.

Feel free to contact me.


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