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Looking for ID on .357 S&W

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I'm considering picking up S&W .357 Magnum that i'm trying to figure out the model on. I'm seen and shot the gun, but not with purchase in mind. Now it's come around and i can't get there to look at it and the woman that's looking to sell it has no idea about any sort of gun of any kind. If i told her to look on the side of the barrel and tell me what it said, she'd look at me like i was crazy :roll:

Anyway, it's a double action .357, 6"ish barrel (maybe 5 3/4), blued steel, wood grips, the guy that i knew that had it picked it up in about 1985 or so, used.

I can tell you most anything else about this gun, so if you need to know anymore just ask.

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If you could get her to open the cylinder the mod. of the gun is stamped just above the cyl. hinge on the frame.
Need more info. You will have to get your hands on the gun again to be sure, but answer these questions and we can get you in the ball park.

Does the ejector rod shroud run the full length of the barrel?

Fixed or adjustable sights?

Depending on your answer it could be one of the following models:

19, 27, 28, 581, or 586.
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