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lorcin pistols

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how are the 9mm lorcin pistols? :?
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Lorcin/Raven Arms/Davis/what other names they have changed to, are low end quality guns at best. They have a history of being some of the problem children of the gun industry. I have seen a number of them and they are often not able to fire, fortunately. The vast majority of them have problems when using hollow point ammunition and many are not very reliable with full metal jackets. The parts themselves are as low of quality that will get the gun through what warranty period they are given or until the next sale of the company and name change, whichever comes first. That I don't think much of them is not totally true, they were a good gun for ''buy back'' programs. I know a lot of them that were turned in down in The Cities during a gun buy back program many years ago. They could be bought for $35 and upon turning them in, you were given $50 per gun. There was a maximum turn in of 3 guns per person, per drop off site, per day. I know of people whom brought their wives down for a weekend and dropped off 6 Davis guns (they were being clearanced out for even less as the name was being changed to Raven Arms) at the 8 sites for a total profit of more than $720 a day, $1440 a weekend. That was better than the weekly base pay of most senior police officers in The Cities at the time. If you are lucky enough to have this type program locally available, the Lorcin would be a good deal. If not, putting the money in Mason jars and burying them in the yard would put you further ahead.
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I have a brother-in-law who manages a die-casting plant in L.A. One of their customers was Davis Arms... Those things have a thin steel sleeve for a barrel, with the rest of the pistol (except for the hammer, firing pin, & springs) made of die-cast zinc alloy. If there was a way to make it any cheaper, I'm sure they'd do it.

Life is too short to own a crappy gun.
Doesn't zinc burn? I'm told that the HiPoint slides are zinc alloy and that they burn.
I actually own a Lorcin 9mm pistol, please don't laugh LOL. It is a horrible clunky gun and I would not suggest buying it. The gun feels cheap looks cheap, and brand new is only worth about a $100. I paid 50 bucks for mine, just to throw under the seat while camping. That way if something happened to it, it wouldnt be a big lose. Lorcin is now currently out of business, due to the fact that, they had more pistols stolen out of there factory then were actually purchased. If you want a decent pistol cheap, I would suggest a Llama, not a super great gun but will fire everytime.
Lorcin? I think in about any language it can be translated as CRAP.

None that I have ever seen at the range have ever fired a full magazine without a jam. You'd be better off with a $50 knife.

You really do get what you pay for.
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