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Lyman T-Mag 2?

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Hello All: I'm getting back into reloading after some years and am considering a Lyman T-Mag 2 for 41 mag and 45ACP. This press isn't discussed much on a number of forums. Is there any reason why it shouldn't be considered? Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.

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Welcome to the forum. This is a slow time of the year on here. Every one is outside or vacationing or whatever.
I'm now familiar with the Lyman presses/ I have an old RCBS
that I have been using for over 24 years. I have some catalogs in the garage that might have some info on the T-Mag. I'll take a look
There are several fellows on here with more experience than me that should pop in soon . They will certainly have something to say about the T-Mag.
Good luck and shoot safe.

re: Lyman T-Mag 2

Hello Claybird: Thanks for the reply. Seems like I've taken the path less travelled again ( I shoot a Dan Wesson .41 mag and a near-pristene '69 Colt National Match, and have chosen a reloading rig just a little out of the spotlight) in selecting the Lyman instead of a Lee, RCBS, Dillion, et al. All opinions are welcome and since I've retired there's no hurry. Thanks again.[/b]
I don`t know about the t-mag but I have been reloading on on a Lyman Spar-T which is an older turret press and I like it. I can leave dies in the turret without having to adjust them all the time. I reload several differant calibers of rifle and 38/357 mag pistol but I don`t reload alot where I need a progressive press.
the last Lyman T presses i saw, i wasnt impressed wiht the turrets.

i prefer turrets where i can swap them out fast.

if they changed their design to do so, then they would be fine for what you want. however, i always look at other possible rounds i may load, like rifles.
I don't use a Lyman T-Mag 2 press....I did look at them once a couple of years back and just was not happy with the quality. Turret seemed to be loose and had play in it.
Maybe it was just the display model??

Sooooo...I purchased a Redding T-7 press. I have always liked the Turret idea and design.
I have several presses I use for differant ammo.
I use the T-7 a lot on pistol ammo, after you get use to it you can crank them out pretty fast. I mean a completed bullet vs just one stage like a single stage press. ( No changing dies ! ) I keep 2 sets of dies on it to load 380acp and 38/357's plus a Universal decapper.

It is VERY HEAVY..made very well. Should last a few life times :wink:

Cost is an issue with the Redding press, I just saved all my pennies and " Bit The Bullet " so to speak :roll:

I have had it about 2 - 2.5 years now and love it...Got the add-on primer system for it too
it really works ok.

Good luck
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