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Middle finger don't want to bend right now...

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After shooting some warm loads yesterday outa my Blackhawk 45LC. Every time I pulled the trigger, the trigger guard would smack the knuckle of my middle finger. Do any of ya'll experience this? If so, how do ya combat it? I finally put on a thin leather glove that I wear while rabbit hunting. It only cushioned the thumping a little bit. I don't know if it's the way that I hold my revolver or what. I even tried shooting with the other hand and suddenly wished I'd not done it. It didn't bang that knuckle near as bad because I decided that once was enough with my weak hand!

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Had the same problem with my Super Redhawk .44 Mag....... a set of Hogue grips cured it.

I've never had the problem with any of my single actions, though..... the "plow handle" grips roll back rather than driving straight back.
That's one of the other things that I tried yesterday (the Pachmeyers). When using them, my hand goes numb in the palm, but I don't get my knuckles cracked. Heck, I haven't had my knuckles cracked like that since 7th grade English class. Not only was that a looonnnggg time ago, but I can't remember if it was quite as painful either.

I might need to just go back to mild stuff til hunting season gets closer then worry about my huntingloads. We'll see!

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