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Military Flap-style Holster WANTED

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Does anyone know where I can get a new "old style" Military flap holster for the 1911A1? Perhaps you know a leather worker who can make one?

Thanks :D
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Like this, with a thumb flap?

Or like this

Either way both can be found at army navy stores or on ebay.
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They sell replicas out of Shotgun News but I can't tell you where to go for an original :wink:
The one on the top is an original i own. Often called a tanker or artillery holster The lower pic is one i found on the internet.
Both originals can be found with ease, new ones will be hard to find.
also available through the US Cavalry catalog, i believe.
I use the Tanker model to haul my 9mm snake pistol under my shirt when working :x around the barn or mowing the yard. real handy.
///olde 8) pharte///
You can go to www.ima-usa.com. They have all kinds of leather gear and other cool surplus stuff. I bought a reproduction WWII Walther PP holster and it was identical to the original right down to the stitching. You can also try www.sportsmansguide.com. Good luck!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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