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I am sure that thre are Ruger sites out ther that have this topic covered in depth, but some of those sites are over run with know-it-all snobs. I just brought home my new MKII 4" bull barrel pistol. Its a gem, but the trigger isn't so hot. I like to do my own work, but I don't mess with sear and hammer engagement surfaces. There is a lot of pre-travel before I can feel the hammer about to break and its quite heavy. I'd guess its over 6 pounds by the ol' fingerometer. I am thinking about parts from Volquartsen, Clark, or Power Custom. I think Power Custom is now Grand Master something or another. Does anybody have any experience with the MKII triggers? I might just send it to Clark and have them perform their magic. Volquartsen offers a drop in kit with hammer, trigger, sear and springs. Power or Grand Master offers a similar kit. Anybody?
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