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Model 94

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Just picked up a Model 94 .22LR, 9 shot, blue. Gonna have a ball at the range! Cheap... for a change. :wink:

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Very nice but it needs ivory or stag to look right! Rubber doesn't do it for me. When you posted model 94 I was thinking Winchester lever action for some reason. Affordable shooting is always fun! Congratulations. :D
Nobody, and I mean nobody, makes decent grips for a Taurus, to my knowledge. :cry:
All that talk about stag and ivory and THAT'S all you have to say? :shock:

Tease! :?
I would guess custom work is the only way to get anything like that for a Taurus. Its a great gun for what it is though. :p
I wouldn't mind having one of those Paul, looks like a lot of fun to be had.
On a side note, a co-worker wanted to get rid of a revolver he just aquired, and asked 165.00 for it.
It's a Taurus Model 66 in 357 Mag - 6 shot 3" barrel.
I think it's a great find on my part.
Rogmatt... at $165 it's an amazing bargain. IMO, these new Taurus products are excellent in reliability and their finish looks better and better all the time. :wink:
Mine came with original Taurus wood grips, looks great!

$165 what a deal great job. Now the 94 I heard is a hit or miss on reliablity. Want to hear from other that it is a hot or miss, and most are ok. I want a 5" blue, I will welcome it to my growing Taurus family of three so far 66 .357 (my outdoor pistol), one PT 92 new rail version, modified for +p loads (Spinco recoil system and Hogue grips), and my Dad pistol handed down to me. An early 90's pt92, my old die hard. The pistol brings back time of father and son times, so it more valuable than anything of other firearms.
I've been eyeing the Model 941 in .22 Magnum.. can't wait to fire that round.. cheap enough to shoot for fun but HOT HOT HOT almost 2000fps at muzzle (in rifle, pistol 1500+), "too destructive for small game"...

It's only 8 shots comp. to 9 in the model 94 .22LR.. gotta have stronger cylinder with more metal, but 8 shots is still a lot for a revolver..

That will be my next pistol.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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