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My 1911 Long Slide

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I couldn't resist, which is typical for me. Saturday after shooting with some friends I took some time to look through the used gun cases and found about four guns I seriously wanted to take home with me. I passed them all but on the way out I found something unusual - a stainless Springfield Armory ported V-16 Long Slide .45 Super with genuine stag grips. It isn't unfired but it's close. It included 100 rounds of .45 Super but I want to replace the spring so it will cycle .45acp rather than hunt down affordable Super ammo. This will be my gun for bowling pin shoots. It's my only ported gun so I'm curious to try it.

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Do you still have this gun?

Would you sell it?
Reply inbound. Its not currently for sale but that may change in the future.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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