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I ain't goin huntin today.
I have been trying to get a deer now for the muzzle loadin and the reg, huntin season with no luck, and NASCAR just got stopped in phoenix on kind of rain .
I am really depressed, so I called Lifeline. Got a call center in Pakistan. I told them I was suicidal. They got all excited and asked if I could drive a truck...

As I said earlier I ain't goin huntin today, there ain't nothin movin anyway. Just a bunch of nothin movin, Pretty view, but nothin movin, It would just be a waste of,,, SON OF A!!! did you see that? and I don't have my weapon with me. I am on my way back to the habitat. One friend is sick and the other ain't home. Did you see it? And there it is
He's right up by the pond now and lookin at me. I have 2 blinds in that area but I didn't re-build them this year. I will do that today.. SON OF A,,,,,

Afternoon boys,, up-date,,,
After I took the pictures and resize them and posted them I loaded some supplies to re do the blinds. I started to leave and the Wife tells me to take my weapon with. I told her I am ridin my quad over there and am going to be makin a lot of noise, She gives me that look so I decided to make life easier for me I would just put the weapon on and go, so I did,
I pull up to the pond, and I ain't goin slow, and guess what?? The buck is standin there lookin at me. I shut off my quad and he's still there, I put it in park, and he's still there. 0k, I reach up and un do my weapon from the rack, AND HE'S STILL THERE. I cock it, AND HE'S STILL THERE! I get off my quad cause I want a good shot, AND HE'S STILL THERE!! I take the shot and after the smoke clears, he's still there, but he ain't standin no more. So I go get the Wife and she helps me load him up and we get him back to the habitat He's a 9 pointer and a good size. I get him hung and start to work It goes real easy . He will be in the bottom of the fridge for 3 or 4 days, then we will start the processin. Was a good day,, even with the Wife sayin "I TOLD YOU TO TAKE THE WEAPON WITH YOU" ya. ya. ya.. What can I say ,,,,,

PS: I love my Wife,,,,,,,
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