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My first trigger job

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Well after 20 years of collecting and shooting, I decided to open my S&W mod 60 and take a peek inside. A friend had gave me a Wolff spring kit that contained 3 different hammer springs and 1 rebound spring. I opened the gun very caefully and started removing parts one by one, right off the bat a small spring and a short piece of metal take off into space , never to be found again. Anyway, I see some burrs on the inside frame and sideplate, so I removed them with a very fine stone , I also polished parts with 600 grit paper and Jewelers Rouge. I replaced the Hammer and rebound spring with the lighter ones from the kit and finally found the springs that had vanished into space at my local gunsmith, the spring and piece of metal were for the cylinder release. Before I put all the parts back I cleaned everything with Carb cleaner to get rid of any grit then sprayed Oil on everything , then dried everything off and reassembled. My gun now has a silky smooth trigger that feels like a professional job. I took it to the range and shot 100 rounds and had no problems.
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Don't ya just hate those little parts that vanish into thin air? Can't tell you how many times I've had the whole family combing the carpet for stuff that took off unexpectedly!!
Sounds like you did a great job with the trigger!! Glad it all worked out!!

Scott, I was in a room that has hardwood floors, so its not like the parts got lost in the carpet. I took everything out of the room, girlfriend and I were on hands and knees with those stupid magnifying glasses you use when working on very small stuff, then I was thinking it flew through the hall into the bedroom that is about 8 feet away, so there we were searching the bedroom, we never found them. I just think they went into the atmosphere.
Mike I firmly believe that some things just vaporize or fly into another dimension.Good job buddy.Drop-Shot
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