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My hand cannon: 629-1

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I bought a used S&W Model 629-1 .44 magnum today. It came with a nice presentation case and has only one minor blemish on the grip that takes effort to find. The action on this gun is silky smooth!

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I found it at the gunshow in Midland, MI. There were a lot of revolvers but this one was too good to pass up. The seller was really helpful and showed me several things to look for in a used revolver so even though I wanted another dealer's blued 29-3 I went with this one. The 29-3 had a full underlug and I prefer this style but the bluing was beautiful. It almost looked like black chrome.
I just finished work and stopped to price ammo on the way home. :shock: This gun will not see heavy use!
Sportsman's Guide has .44 Spl on sale for something like $13/50 not including shipping. Joining their Buyer's Club will save you 5% on ammo purchases which is about half the shipping if I remember right. It is $30 to join and at the end of the year they will refund your $30 minus any savings you recieved upon ordering. In essence it is a cost neutral membership.
Semi, if you are near Hall road anytime soon check out Gander Mountain. They have a blued model 29-9 with a 10 inch barrel for $1069. The finish on it is even nicer than the one we saw Saturday. I know you don't want it but it is worth looking at. I asked if they would come down on it and the guy told me it would sell quickly at that price. :roll: Thing is, it probably will.
Yeah it probably will move fast but I won't even look twice at a handgun for that price, at least not now at this stage in my life!
I'm just saying that if you're up there check out the bluing. Even with the ridiculous barrel it is a thing of beauty. It has a mirrorlike luster to it. Certainly not worth a trip just for that though.
Sounds like it's time to Start reloading!

Nice Smith, Congrats.. I'm still working on my 38/357 collection, but I have eved a couple model 26/629's for future refernce...

lets see how good a hole puncher it is!
Sweet. Real Sweet. Now how do I tell my wife I need a new Smith?
Tell her that when you're done with it you can sell it and get your money back. I used to use that with my girlfriend but she eventually figured out that I never sell anything.

I took this gun out last saturday and fed it a box of ammo. This gun is somewhat punishing to shoot with wood grips. The rubber grips are better for shooting but don't look as nice. Even with a six inch barrel this gun feels light for the recoil it tries to absorb.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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