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My P-95 is stove-pipeing and jamming

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Hi. I have a Ruger P-95 9mm. When I use Remington / UMC 115 gr. ammo, the pistol constantly wedges a bullet in the breach. I then tried Winchester, and they work good. It is a new pistol, and I have only fired about 500 rounds through it. I have cleaned it and it still will not cycle the Remington's. Any answers?? Thanks. Mike
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I've seen some autos that won't shoot one kind of ammo but never hiccups with everything else. It's possible that the bullet design may the problem also. Some guns will function fine with RN bullets but will jam up with a trunicated(angled) bullet.

It comes down to trying different ones to see what particular one yours happens to prefer.

You might have to tweak the magazine lips just a bit to feed those bullets. I have had no problems with Ruger factory mags. After market magazines sometimes require a little tuning.

My P-95 feeds every style bullet I tried. RN FMJ, RN Lead, Truncated Cone lead, JHP, and Jacketed flat point.

Good Luck, the P-95 is a sweet pistol.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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