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Hi, I have a mystery pistol that I presume is of Spanish manufacture with which I need help identifying.

The "brand" name (on the slide) is as follows:


This particular pistol is smaller overall than your typical Ruby type (very close to the size of a Colt Pocket .32 auto).

Although the slide legend is French, the mechanics and workmanship are classic Spanish, typical of the 1920's and '30's. The two positions of the safety are labelled in English as "SAFE" and "FIRE." I have searched for the origins of this otherwise mundane pistol for quite a while now, and could not find any references to it, even in Mathews "Firearms Identification." There are no other identifying markings other than the serial and assembly numbers. (I.e. no two letter code, no proof marks of any sort, etc.) The only really outstanding feature is a loaded chamber indicator located on top of the slide, similar to that found on some early Unceta made (Astra) pistols.

If anyone out there knows who the manufacturer of this gun is, I would love to hear from you. Thanks!
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