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need help to id this

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it's a .22 LR revolver, the tag says "F.A.B." for manufacturer, and "Western Marshal" for model. it is a stainless piece that loads just like the old Colt Peacemaker .45 LC
It is in Excellent condition. im lookin for a value ,and info on the manufacterer so that i can get a manual.
Thanks in advance.
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ok, i found most of the info i need, now i just need to see if i can find a website for the company. turns out that the manufacturer is actually JP SAUER & SOHN, a german company, and the revolver appears to be worth between two to three times what I'mpaying for it, [and it looks to be in near mint condition].
I hope you are not assuming that the revolver was made by Sauer & Sohn.

They did make the Western Marshal, but their were several other manufacturers, some not as respectable as Sauer.

The value will indeed be higher for the Sauer made revolver.

Hawes of California was a big importer of the Sauer made single-action revolvers.

I found two references for F.A.B. One is an U.S. importer, F.A. Bowers, the other is a trade name for Rohm.

I can get you additional info tomorrow.
True, I shouldnt assume, I was unable to find anything about F.A.B., and was only able to find sauer and sohns mentioned. I am gratefull for the assistance. Thankyou. [a web url for hawes and/or F.A.B. would be most appreciated.]
any info on F.A.B. please?
also i find it strange that every source says that the one i just bought is a "Silver City Marshal"... but it clearly says "Western Marshall." What is the deal? It is a single action, .22 LR, six shot revolver, with nickle plated or stainless steel finish. It is in superb condition. Manufactered by F.A.B. and possibly imported by Hawes. model Western Marshall & serial is 366846
thankyou for any assistance.
Look up Western Marshal on the provided link.

Then click on the "F" and look up FAB.

Here is another link that references F.A.B. as a tradename of Rohm revolvers.


so I take it that the company that produced this firearm is out of business? i mean it would be nice if they were still around.
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