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Need help with my j frame

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Is there something that I can buy to make the grip of my J frame bigger. My hand is pretty big, and the butt of the J frame is so small that my hand doesn't fit it right.

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worked for me.
olde 8) pharte
Also check CDNN Sports for S&W grips. They have some really nice quality grips for J frame, some rubbers and some good looking wood grips. You are not the only person with big hands who likes the J frames.

Try looking at Numrich gun corp. They are located in upstate N.Y and the have all kinds of parts for all kinds of guns. There prices are really good, and ther shipping is fair and prompt.

I have use them alot, with always good results. They have a grip section from a-z. You should be able to google or yahoo them. They been around for a long time in upstate in west Hurley N.Y

Maybe they have some sought of target grips for the j frame. I have three j frames and i purchased some nice grips for them in the past. I always are looking for small (conceal) type of grips.

Grips that hide out in my ankle holsters or small kinds.
Hint- shooting snubs, aim at 6oclock on target bullseye and watch what happens.

Good luck on your grip quest. Take care, Jack
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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