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Need to know what it is worth

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My father gave me a his 1948 Turkish made 9mm(actually a 38), it has "Kirikkale Tutek F.b Cap 9mm" on the side, serial
#10028, with extra clip and holdster. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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Pistol is a version of the Walther PP series, in 9mm Short, or .380 auto ( same thing).
It was made in Turkey, probably for civilian use. I have no information on it other than that. I'd certainly keep it and shoot it.
I have owned and shot Turkish made firearms (rifles) and the are quite good quality.
There are a lot of guns made in Turkey now, some very good quality shotguns, but not many pistols get to this country.

I have no clue of the value, but I'd never sell it.

Oh it has no valu at all. I'll give ya $50 for it. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
If you can post a picture it might help some of us ponder what you have
Just now happened on this: the pistol you have was made by MKE industries in Turkey. They were made till at least the early 1980's, and some were imported to the US by Mandall Shooting Suplies. They were made in .380 auto caliber. They sold in the US for $350 list price in 1983, when a Walthe3r PP in .380 listed for $575. This is according to my '83 Gun Digest, and is probably as close as I can get.

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