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New .45acp from Springfield!

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Springfield Armory has announced the XD in .45acp. 13+1 rounds of 230 grain goodness. :twisted:

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The box of goodies that comes with it is a great selling point too! Now I have to choose which caliber to get. :p I was set on a 9 but really like the .45.
I like the feel of XD's better than the Glocks but wanted a 45 (NOT GAP) so was actually going to buy a Glock this week. Now i have to find one of these.

Anyone seen one yet?
After all these years dedicated to the 1911, I feel like a whore - cause I gotta get one of these guns! :?
I coulnt wait so I called Springfield.

They say they will be in general distribution in a month or so. I asked if any are out there now. He said he was not at liberty to say. I asked if a good distributor would have any, he said YES!!!!
so they are out there. probably no dealing right now though.
On the XD/HS2000 forum the talk is SA wants a Jan. distribution date but I wuldn't hold my breath. Press releases are generally several months before hoped for release to build up demand and Jan would only be several weeks. Also, SA has a tendeency to be a bit premature on thier distribution dates, I would look closer at mid to late next year for them to hit the shelves. I hope I'm wrong and they come out sooner as I would rather carry a 45 ACP than the 40 S&W if the models are comparable in handling. It would also give me some time to come up with funds or trade material rather than put off current acquisition plans.
Have one in the house, picked it up on saturday.

I have been looking for some time for a new concealed carry, and after months of looking, then reading and picking up/handling the SA XD45.....decision and search was over.

No question on balance, point, feel, and of course being a Springfield (previous carry is a SA 1911).

.45 fan for carry, will let the forum know how it is after I put some ammo through it, and choose my carry load.

I just picked one of these up today and it is a nice gun. 300 rounds of various FMJ and hollowpoints without a stutter. It is a bit long in the grip to be used for concealed carry so I guess I'll still keep the Ultra Carry for winter use. My only disappointments were the sights were off and it shot a couple of inches low and to the left at 7 yards (4 and 5 ring of a 100 yard rifle target at the 7-8 O'clock position) and it began to string vertically nearly 3" at the same distance as the barrel warmed. The sight issue will be rectified when I replace the factory ones with tritiums from one of the 40s but the stringing bothers me. I'll have to shoot it some more and see if it is doing so due to contact that shouldn't be.Once I have this figured out and another several hundred rounds through it I'll qualify with it as my new duty gun. It also had a noticable "spoing" after the last shot when the slide catch activated. It reminded me of shooting an M-1 Garand. I haven't heard this occur on the 40s but maybe I just didn't notice it.
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This is an absolute must have especially considering the 20,000 round torture that it's 9mm little brother went through. I like the goodies that come with it too :D
If you can get an XD cheaper without the "goodies" do so. The so called holster is not the greatest as it is kind of a Kydex version of a Yaqui Slide that does not provide much protection for the gun overall. The mag holder is only fair at best, like the holster it is Kydex and is of belt loop design. It is also interesting it is a two mag holder with only one extra mag. I would gladly trade them all in for a third magazine or even a single mag holder that was either paddle style or preferably IWB with snaps or a clip. Holsters are a very personal preference and I would rather save the money on the gun purchase in order to buy the holster I need.
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