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New Browning Pro 9

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Anyone had a chance to take a look at one? Whoa boy... I'm a Sig guy, but this one is going to make me go Browning. This thing is slick. I'll have to post a full review later, but I'm just curious as to what you guys think.

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Your right about the Pro 9, that thing is sharp. I think it looks alot better than a sig and with a trusted name like Browning stamped on the side sure means alot. I've been looking at getting something in 9mm and thought about getting a Springfield XD in 4in but seeing this makes me rethink everything I thought I knew. Here's a link to the Pro 9 page at Brownings website.

http://www.browning.com/products/catalo ... ype_id=251
Yeah, with the nine, it's a 16+1 capacity. It has a decocker like the sigs, it takes down just like the sigs which means EASY EASY EASY, and it is in 6 peices like the sigs. Barrel, guide rod, spring, slide, mag, and frame. Thats it. Also, the most tempting feature... the ambidextrous decocking lever can be pushed UP when the hammer is cocked to make a manual safety, for cocked-and-locked carry. FREAKING SWEET! Honestly, I got a little bit excited right there at the gun counter at Gander Mountain. Prices are comparable, if not less than the sigs, and I think this is going to have to be my next gun.

I'm very very tempted to heat up the plastic for this gun.

I wouldn't be surprised if SIG had more than a bit to do with this model, SIG and Browning have some history of working together to produce guns. Browning sold the SIG 220 under their own name for years, I had one at one time but sold it for some stupid reason like tuition. I have only seen one of these on the range except it was in 40 S&W. The owner was not pleased as it was stovepiping regularly but unfortunately would not take my offer for it. If the guy would not have been so limp wristed the gun would probably have worked great.
Yeah, I was going to say... usually for THE GUN to stovepipe itself, it has to be REALLY FAST with the action. I don't see this gun as being that fast. I'd be willing to be it was either the ammo, or his shooting style.

What did you offer him, $125 for it?

Pretty close, $200. I figured to make it close enough that he would take me up on it if he was really ticked. I got a pre-'64 Winchester M-70 in 300 H&H once this way, the guy did nothing but talk up the gun (at everyone else's expense) and out on the line the gun would not keep the bullets on the paper. After I bought it for half its worth, I shot it using 180 gr spire points rather than the 170 gr round noses meant for a 30/30 that he was using. Groups were great and that gun got me a couple of others.
And it definitely was his shooting style, it was evident from the moment he picked up the gun.
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