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New Fobus Holster

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Hello All,

I'm new to shooting and new to this forum. I just bought a Fobus paddle holster OWB.

The instructions read; "The Fobus holster is a new concept in gun saftey, security, and simplicity. It is designed to grip the gun in a way that makes it difficult to draw if not properly executed".

It then goes on to discribe how you must snap the gun rapidly out of the holster using as straight a draw as possible etc. If you don't get the angle just right your pistol is staying put. I don't believe the holster cares whether or not you're trying to save your own or someone else's life, if you don't pull it just right it ain't lettin go.

This seems to me to be the most dangerous piece of equipment in the gun store. Does anyone use this holster? Is it just me? I unloaded my pistol and tried to practice with this holster. Out of every ten draws I bet at least 3 didn't let go without at least a second pull if not more.

From everything I have read in an actual gunfight the first thing on your body that stops working is fine motor control. Like making sure you have the angle of the dangle right when you try to pull your pistol.

Tell me what I'm doing wrong.
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I've never been a fan of those holsters. I had two of them before, both of them for Walthers. From now on, I'm sticking to leather thumb-break ones (personal preference... I'm okay with the nylon ones as well). No more hard plastic for me.

Anyhow, welcome to shooting and to our site. It's a bigger world over here than some people realize. Ask us anything, and at least one of us should be able to give you a proper answer.

What kind of pistol are you using in this holster, anyway?
It sounds like one more variable that might get you killed. Dangerous if you need your gun quickly, I'd stay far away from that thing. :?
I do not like Fobus, generally, and can't stand Kydex. Galco is the way to go for a production IWB or OWB, in my opinion. Great fit, great leather and a pretty good price. :wink:
I have a couple of these holsters and find they are decent for their price. I don't think they are any better or worse then a leather holster; in some ways they are better, some worse. Same goes for those with snaps or straps as retention devices. Police duty holsters are much the same way, dual and triple retention holsters incorporate both a strap/snap and tension so as to make it more difficult for the officer to be disarmed in a fight. The key, as with ANY holster, is a good belt. 90% of the belts found in the store are too thin, narrow, and/or supple to make a good holster platform. With a holster that secures the gun via tension (whether plastic or leather) it is paramount to have a stiff belt so the holster stays put and doesn't try to follow the gun. If the belt and holster stay in place the gun snaps out as intended. It also helps to have the belt fairly snug, most wear theirs a bit loose for maximum comfort. With a proper belt worn snugly, the rate of poor draws with a FOBUS or similar holster shouldn't be any different than with one with a strap of some sort.
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