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new guy here

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Hi all! just moved over here from shotgun world to see what was going on. :D

I have had a Ruger super redhawk on order now for almost 3 weeks, and cannot get delivery of one. I called ruger sales office, and they told me that they just aren't getting them out the door. She didn't really say they were having "problems", but then again she didn't sound very optomistic about getting a lot more out. :(

Anybody heard more about whats happening if anything?
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Welcome to PistolWorld!

I would bet they are just geared up to make hotter selling handguns.
Welcome aboard!

Did your dealer order it directly from Ruger? Surely,some warehouse/distributor has one out there somewhere. Get back with your dealer and ask him to check his other sources. Heck, check another store. There may be just laying there with your name on it!

Thanks for the welcome! :D
The FFL that buys my guns is a homebound handicapped guy that does this to make a couple of bucks, and all the distributors that he talked to said they coudn't get them from ruger. I called him this morning, and He found one :D He spotted it on their web site, called them, and the guy said his paper records indicated they didn't have any left, but my guy said to check his web site, and when he did, he found one, so its on the way to be delivered monday. :D

I plan on topping it with a Bushnell holosight SLP. I ordered it a week ago, and am on a 3 week waiting list for it. Anybody out there have one of the holosights?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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