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New guy looking for advice on a couple good pistols.

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Hi guys, I'm looking for a couple good pistols, one in .22 and the other in either .40 S&W or .45 acp. The .22 will be for practicing and working on my form (I'm a shotgun guy and have fired a revolver once). I held a Walther P22 and liked the balance, but not the short barrel. I also tried a Ruger (nice, but much more expensive) and Beretta (in general bad taste). I also liked the Walther P99 in .40 and a Springfield GI stainless in .45. Both had good balance but the SA felt like it weighed twice as much. I held the Glock (don't remember the model) and just didn't like the balance or noise it made. The larger caliber gun will be a home protection piece until I can move to a better part of town; as such it will be the first line of defense for the three people in my household. Reliability trumps all other factors in this matter. What would you suggest I get? I would like the keep the price of .22 < $300 and larger gun <$750. Thanks a bunch and I'm sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings about a particular gun brand.
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Every one needs a good 22 plinker, a 357 revolver, and a 45 auto! You'll get there eventually, the order is not too important if your buying one of the latter two for defense purposes first. I like the Colt DA revolvers as of late, but the smiths are nice as well. Plinkers I like the buckmark and Ruger. 22a by smith feels too bulky in my hand, and I have big hands.. Make sure to check the trigger pull on any low end plinker prior to purcase, lots of variation out there..

Conversion Kit is a good Idea, but you can always add it later, personally, I would't lower the trigger pull as low on the dresser drawer gun to make it fun enough for 22 plinking/target...
This one closes in about a day. The Colt service DA's are excellent shooters, with out the python price tag... This one has some wear, but should have plenty of service left...

http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewIt ... m=46961698
Yeah I got mine for 425$ in NIB condition last year, and thought that was great. I wouldn't go over 350 on the one in the auction...

the weight of the gun has a lot to do with how you plan to shoot or carry it. A heavy gun will soak up recoil and allow you to get good follow ups. 100 rnds or more would be no problem for a entry level shooter in a "target weight" gun, if you have the strenght to hold it up.. if not drop down a power factor and get a suitable size gun for you.

Very light weight guns are meant to be carried alot and shot infrequently. Recoil can be brutal to a new shooter in a smaller sized lightened frame with full loads, esp magnums.

You Pay alot to get that light weight. If the gun is a range gun or home defense, then I wouldn't pay the premium for light weight. Now if I were backpacking long distances, that's a different story.
I'd lean more toward the S&W if it were me. I have a Ruger Sp101, and am happy with it overall, but the trigger is generally better on on the smiths. Also because the trigger group is different on the Ruger, finding someone who knows how to really tune one can be harder. Almost any competent gunsmith can tune a Smith and wesson to be really nice...

Best of luck..
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