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New guy, Ruger Old Army question

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Hello all, I recognize some of the names here from Shotgunworld and a few other boards. I recently bought a used Old Army revolver and have a couple of questions. The tag in the box says it was mfg'd in 1973, and the 4 page booklet says 10-1-72 on the front, it came in an old red and white Ruger box that's in real good shape for it's age. The trigger pull on this one is real light, almost like a hair-trigger. Don't know if that is normal or not, but wouldn't think so as light as this one is. I had thought the hammer spring felt kinda light when I cocked it, but it seems to feel about the same as my Blackhack in 45 Colt (Long Colt) Also wonder about the powder charge. The booklet says you can use all the powder you can stuff in there and still get a lead ball on top of it. :shock: :shock: I have a 30 grain measure that I use to load my 1860 Colt copy, but wonder what is usually the most accurate in these, and about how much will one hold and still seat a lead ball--just for curiosity.
I hope I have put this in the right section, I know it's Ruger but I couldn't find a forum here for black powder pistols.
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go to google.com (or whatever search engine) and type in "Ruger Old Army" and you will have enough to read. it is made for up to 40 gr FFFG, and round ball .457. Have fun, email me offline, I can send you some more articles and such collected off the net.
You have the finest of all black powder revolvers, no doubt. Mine is a blued 7.5".
Not sure about the hair trigger, but mine is new, (never shot before I owned it, though it was NOS on the shelf for a few years). My trigger is light, but not THAT light. and also, go to ruger.com and download a current manual for it, (its a lot more than 4 pages now!!
Thanks Mike, On the end of my box it said .457 round ball, so I have got a box of them, all else I had was .454 for my 1860 replica. Mine is 7 1/2" like yours, and blued too. I spent most of one afternoon cleaning it up, the guy I bought it from had covered it with Bore Butter (duck butter? :shock: ) or something and that stuff was everywhere. I finally got most of it off of there. My manual says it is safe to shoot with as much black powder as I can put in it and still seat a ball on top, but I figured there had to be a better guideline. The trigger on mine is REAL light, but no kids left at home and the wife don't shoot much, so I'm gonna try to leave it alone unless it gets to be a problem.
Thanks again!
From what I've read the charge that gives you the most accuracy is 35 grains of FFFg black powder, even though it can handle a higher charge. However, power doesn't necessarily mean accuracy.
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