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New guy with a question

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Hello everyone new member to pistol world here. I just have a question. I am looking at getting into gunsmithing and I know some of the basic stuff, but I would like to know how I can learn more about it. Is there any good books I can get that will help me along, or is there any class at my local college that I could enroll in. There are no local gunsmiths around my area that I know of that I could go learn from. What are my options in doing this. thanks for any help.
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A lot of the books available are pretty outdated.
Check Brownell's for CD's on Gunsmithing, and Google gunsmithing schools for your area. There are a few around - IMO, the best one used to be in Colorado, but times change.
Sorry I can't be of more help, but I'd recommend getting professional instruction if you want to really learn what you are doing. A lot of the old "home gunsmithing" books were FOS.
Good luck, and welcome to this forum.

One place to get smart on gunsmithing stuff is from the american gunsmithing institute.

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