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New here

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Sorry I did not come over sooner. I am not much of a pistol guy. I only have 3.
Ruger Blackhawk 357 mag/9mm convertible
CZ-50 32 auto
Taurus 85 38 special.

Working on getting a few more. We need to support the family of SGW sites.
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Rogmatt... welcome over! I'm a 1911A1 kind of guy... but the Ruger BH is on my list of must haves... or the Vaquero!!!
Rog, I've got one pistol - SA 1911A1 GI 45 4" Champion. Just bought it, but she's my dream gun. Since I've gotten her, my three shotguns and my rifle (which I purchased on whims while browsing the gun shop waiting to turn 21 :wink: ) have never seen so little action. I think they are jealous. To be completely honest, if I never bought another gun, it wouldn't bother me any. I'd like to say I'd pass her on to my kids one day, but I'm way too attached to it!
Thanks for the welcome folks. I do believe that PistolWorld will be known as the friendliest pistol talk forum on the internet.
(For some reason, that sounds so familiar) 8)
Rogmatt said:
We need to support the family of SGW sites.
Thanks for the inspiration, Rog, and I'm with you....been lurking for a while trying to decide if I need another diversion from work :roll: .

Howdy, folks!
TOM!!! Welcome to you, too!!!! :D :D :D
Muchas gracias, Paul.

Don't pull the trigger on my handhelds near as much as the scatterguns, but I do depend on them (if you know what I mean :wink: ).

Did you get the deringer?
Nope. Was bushwhacked by two collectors... and out bid! :(

Got three top bids on three guns, right now. No derringers, though. :wink: The three fill a void, for me... .22 revolvers. :D
Welcome Aboard,
This is a very informative forum. I hope it helps you with any type of pistol questi9ons you have.
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