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The following is the official response I got from the NPS when I inquired about the new law:


Date: May 22, 2009
Contact: Kendra Barkoff
(202) 713-0827

Interior Spokeswoman’s Statement on
New Firearms Law for Parks and Refuges
Provision will take effect in nine months

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Department of the Interior spokeswoman
Kendra Barkoff issued the following statement regarding the enactment of a
new firearms law for national parks and wildlife refuges that will take
effect in nine months:

“The Department of the Interior will follow Congress’s directive and
implement the new firearms law, which states that its provisions will take
effect nine months from today. For the time being, the current Reagan
Administration regulations governing possession of firearms in national
parks and wildlife refuges remain in place. Under the current regulation,
firearms are generally prohibited, but citizens may transport unloaded and
dismantled or cased firearms and carry firearms while participating in
approved hunting programs and under certain other circumstances.

“As Interior prepares to implement the new law, the Department will work to
understand and interpret its implications for our national parks and
wildlife refuges, with public safety and the safety of our employees as our
foremost consideration. Because possession of loaded weapons on national
parks and wildlife refuges will be governed by varying state firearms laws
once the new law is implemented, the Department will provide guidance to
the more than 24,000 professionals who manage our parks and refuges and the
more than 310 million people who visit our parks and refuges each year.”


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Geeeee ... awfully nice of them to 'follow the direction of congress'. You can almost feel the pain that it caused them to write that letter.
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