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New manufacture bulk .38 online

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I've been looking for bulk ammo and I'm having a real hard time with the local prices and the lack of availability on bulk packages. I just ordered two Remington UMC 250 round .38 special packages from www.thegunsource.com for $108.76 total. I know that isn't a really great deal at .21 a round but I couldn't find any reasonable alternatives. I'm not ready to get into reloading and I hate cleaning up after using remanufactured ammo. Does anyone else buy bulk and if so where do you get it?

I tried Gander Mountain, Dicks, Dunhams and two local independant gunstores. Only GM sells any bulk pistol ammo and that was all .380 / .9mm / .40 / .45acp. Nothing for wheelguns. :x
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I'd appreciate that. My main concern, even moreso than accuracy, is cleanliness with reloads or "remanufactured" ammo. If it is clean I would like to know.
The stuff I've used in the past was so filthy I had to step back every few shots to let the cloud disperse. I've never had trouble with lead deposits even with unjacketed lead reloads. I'm not worried about lead particles. I don't mind cleaning the gun well if the powder comes off without too much effort, but I don't want to breathe that stuff in every time I shoot. That's why I tend to pay a little more and stick with new manufacture.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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