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*New* My Shooting Homepage

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We've created a new Homepage if you would like to use it. It contains a
-national weather radar
-Top 10 News stories
-Customizable Stock Ticker and Lookup
-Automatically displays the five newest topics on ShotgunWorld, ShootingWorld and PistolWorld
-Lunar phase display and more
-No registration required to use it.
Go to

We hope that you find "My Shooting Page" useful.
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Looks good! I see two red Xs though. One under the clock and one under the Quick Quote. It may just be me.
Hey Fuel,
I think I've taken care of those red x's let me know if you still see them.
I got the page to load, but it had a warning that said "done with page errors" :?: :?:
Same here, still getting "Done, but with errors on page". :cry:

ok, tried it again on 03/25/08 and got same response, Done but with errors on page. got up to get another cup of coffee, came back and the page was now loaded. still had errors on page, but most of it was there. Go figure. :shock:
I also am seeing the red X in two locations.
Nice weather map, but no rain in Texas? If you were better at HTML, maybe you could code in some rain for us! :lol:
i'd like this better if i could customize it a little - starting with maybe the time zone
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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