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New New Toy!

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I am soon to be the proud owner of a Taurus Tracker, .45LC, 4" ported barrel! It's had 100 rounds through it and is immaculate. Oh, yeah, it's the older model (1-2 years?) and not ugly like the new one that takes 410 shotshells! :wink:

It will be my new "woods" gun. :D I've found a great holster for it to... a Gen. Patton model belt holster and heavy belt. :D

I'm buying it from a friend in Western Michigan... and am paying $375. :roll:
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It's being hand delivered on Saturday!!!!! :D :D :D
Well, instead of being delivered, I'm picking it up. Why? Going to a great shoot out there. Yippee!!!!

I'll give up the report when I get back! :D
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